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How do I join the Discord?

If it’s your first time using Discord, joining is pretty straight forward!
Click the invitation link above, pick an Alias, confirm that you’re human then register your email. Once you’re in the server, pick your roles under reaction-roles and say Hi in the trader-chatter!

I’m struggling with joining Discord, it is too confusing.

If you’re having trouble joining our Discord, reach out to us using this form and we will do our best to help you!

The Discord notification sounds bother me. how do I turn them off?

To turn off the Discord notification sounds, click right on Sage’s cartoon, then Notification Settings.

Select either Only @mention or Nothing.

Is Sage still going to be on YouTube?

Yes, we will be streaming Live on YouTube Monday through Friday. You can find the link to the stream on our YouTube channel, Our Discord, and on MFT.

I want to buy you a coffee!

You can buy us a coffee by clicking the coffee cup icon on the bottom right of your screen!
Your contributions will help with brewing the new home.

I want to leave a message to you.

Do you have any questions, suggestions or need guidance? click here to contact us!

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